“…It all began with Parmesan cheese. Back in the early 90’s Parmesan cheese was hardly to be found in Israel and getting hold of it was tricky, let alone rely on a constant supply. My search after a local equivalent marked the beginning of an investigation into the local terroir. My quest led me to Shai Zeltzer, a good friend and a wonderful cheese maker from the nearby reserve of Sattaf. He handed me a cheese that embodied the flavours of the unique Judean hills terroi and it was this pivotal point from which I began to discover the local flavours and ingredients that would later come to define Arcadia’s cuisine. Our dishes speak in a unique and proud culinary language expressing the sun, the Mediterranean climate, neighbouring cultures’ influences and traditional flavours as well as a culinary heritage and forgotten childhood memories.

Our cuisine pays respect to nature and the changing seasonality, thoughtfully choosing wild herbs, organic produce grown in the garden by our staff, fresh fish & seafood from the Med, organic poultry, local goats and sheep dairy and organic olive oils. For the past 2 decades we have been creating a unique local and seasonal Israeli cuisine that is wild bold and proud…”