After many years scouring the Judean hills terroir in search for indigenous and locally grown produce, Chef Kedem invites you to join him and explore the area surrounding Jerusalem in a unique, multi sensory local culinary tour including visits to local growers, producers and  farmers:

  • A visit to ‘sea horse’ winery for a wine tasting and lecture by winemaker and filmmaker zeev Dunya, including home baked breads, local cold pressed virgin olive oil and sparkling wine.
  • A visit to Shai Zeltzer’s goat farm and dairy for a tasting and a lecture on local cheese making.
  • A tour of Arcadia’s organic garden overlooking a breathtaking view to the Judean hills.

The lecture is approximately 3 ½ hours

A minimum of 8 participants is required

For more details and a quote call 052.5507369