For a truly unique culinary experience, Chef Kedem invites you to take part in a culinary workshop set in a magical setting overlooking a breathtaking view to the Judean hills- in our organic garden and the adjacent private studio kitchen. During the master class, Chef Kedem will introduce seasonal produce still tucked in the ground and demonstrate various cooking methods, transforming organic raw ingredients into refined dishes.

The workshop includes:

  • A visit to the organic garden
  • Collecting herbs and vegetables
  • A practical cooking workshop in the studio kitchen with Chef Kedem
  • A tasting lunch accompanied by wine, espresso and herb tea from the garden
  • An apron for each participant
  • Workshop recipes

The workshop takes place in the morning/ noontime and lasts approximately 3 hours.

The workshop  format is flexible, ranging from a series of workshops, one off, one- on- one or in groups, between 7-14 participants.

For more details and a quote call 052.5507369