Born in 1965 in Jerusalem’s German colony, it was evident from early age that the art of cooking was to play an important part in Chef Kedem’s life. Kedem grew up immersed in the invigorating aromas and flavours of countless ethnic cuisines as well as the colourful markets he frequently visited, accompanying his mother on her weekly shopping trips. Machne Yehuda, Bethlehem, Ramalla and Jerusalem’s old city markets provide to this day an endless source of inspiration to Arcadia’s cuisine and Chef Kedem’s creations.

Kedem took his first culinary steps in the glorious Jerusalemite and Iraqi- Jewish kitchens of his mother and grandmother; both were abundant in tradition, heritage, love and human compassion. Once discharged from the military service Kedem acquired his formal culinary education in the USA, at San Francisco’s CCA and at the FCI in NY, where he also trained for 18 months as an apprentice for Chef Jacques Pépin and interned under the auspice of Sicilian born Chef Tom Valenti, in Manhatten’s Alison on Dominik.

Upon his return to Israel, Chef Kedem realized his dream of cooking in Jerusalem and in 1995 Arcadia opened its doors featuring his unique culinary style. The restaurant has been at the forefront of the New Israeli cuisine since with many of his stellar creations dubbed instant classics.